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About Your Coach


I began my first semester at Lehman College in the Fall of 2011. At first, I lacked a sense of direction as to what exactly I wanted to study. I remained undecided until the second half of my sophomore year. My professors at Lehman inspired me to study physics and I have been motivated to further my studies ever since.


In my opinion, Physics is such a beautiful subject because the amount of knowledge in which you can expand upon is unlimited.


As far as extracurriculars, I am part of the Macaulay Honors Program and have played on the Lehman College Soccer Team for the past 4 years.


My goal this semester with you is to inspire you to pursue an academic degree in physics. It is one of the greatest choices I have ever made, as it has motivated me to pursue a career in an ever-expanding field.


Any obstacles you face during the course of this semester can be overcome, and I am here to help. As a student myself, please feel free to contact me about any concerns regarding your academic careers!

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.